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Cancer Vaccines & Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) 2011 Report

Publisher: Select Biosciences
Published: January 2011
Pages: 139


This market report from Select Biosciences presents a comprehensive industry analysis of the cancer vaccines space as well as that of the emerging circulating tumor cells (CTCs) space. These two areas are evolving and expanding driven by the greater emphasis on personalized medicine especially in the cancer/oncology space.

Cancer vaccines can be generated using a number of different approaches and this report describes these approaches vis-à-vis their advantages and disadvantages and associated technical characteristics. Indeed, the FDA-approval of a cancer vaccine for prostate cancer in 2010 was a key milestone in this space and a driver for R&D efforts forward. This report presents the pre-clinical pipeline, early-stage clinical trial pipeline, and the late-stage clinical pipeline for the cancer vaccines space. Also presented are the failed vaccine candidates with a discussion about these failures and how the industry can benefit via a deeper understanding of what components are required for effective immune system activation in vivo and effective vaccination—either preventative or therapeutic.

This report also examines the technology and market landscape for circulating tumor cells (CTCs). There is currently much interest in CTCs as they may offer a highly-sensitive biomarker for cancer detection via a minimally-invasive route. The cancer research field is currently seeking to understand the role of CTCs in metastases and in this vein this report is highly-useful in that it frames the biology of CTCs, characteristics of CTCs, methodologies for CTC enrichment, CTC detection, and analytical methods. This report also snapshots the clinical trials being conducted currently involving CTCs.

Extensive Worldwide Technical and Market Analyses Presented in this Report:

  • Classification and Characterization of Cancer Vaccines
  • Various Approaches for the Generation of Cancer Vaccines
  • Anti-Cancer Vaccination Strategies
  • Tumor Associated Antigens (TAAs)
  • Tumor Specific Antigens (TSAs)
  • Failed Anti-Cancer Vaccine Candidates and Reasons for such Failure
  • Strategies to Improve Success of Cancer Vaccines
  • US FDA-Approved Cancer Vaccines
  • Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines Approved in Various Countries Around the World
  • Cancer Vaccine Pipeline in Late-Stage Clinical Trials
  • Cancer Vaccine Pipeline in Early-Stage Clinical Trials
  • Pre-Clinical Cancer Vaccine Pipeline
  • Personalized Cancer Vaccination Strategies
  • Biology and Characteristics of CTCs
  • Methodologies/Various Technologies for Enrichment, Detection, and Characterization of CTCs
  • More details of the scope of coverage of this industry report are found in the Table of Contents (TOC) for the report—see below for link to downloadable PDF of the TOC

Report Table of Contents (TOC) [Click Here to Download PDF File]

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