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Adult Stem Cells Market Trends 2011

Publisher: Select Biosciences
Published: January 2011
Pages: 100


This is the latest and most up-to-date Market Report from Select Biosciences addressing the adult stem cells marketplace. In this report, we focus upon adult stem cells (especially mesenchymal stem cells; MSCs) and their properties making them highly suited for the development of cellular therapeutics.

This report details the current status of the cellular therapeutics marketplace, products that are commercialized, market potential, clinical trials pipeline and characterization of this pipeline by therapeutic class. The report also provides an analysis of the cellular therapeutics that are currently performed and categorizes them according to type/class of adult stem cell utilized as well as disease(s) treated.

This report analyzes the umbilical cord blood marketplace from a technical as well as market perspective describing the types of transplantation utilizing cord blood, disease classes treated, size of public cord blood banking, associated growth, as well as market drivers and associated qualitative trends.

This report presents an exhaustive analysis of the commercial trends in stem cell research by describing the quantitative metrics (market size, growth rate, segmentation), as well as data from primary market surveys describing trends in stem cell research from the bottom-up. These data are derived from Select Biosciences worldwide pool of researchers and therefore provide invaluable insight into stem cell research trends (both qualitative and quantitative).

This data-driven characterization of the adult stem cells market landscape is a hands-on document that can be used for competitive benchmarking, business planning, and strategy development—all the data that have been collected in this industry analysis are presented and they form the basis for the conclusions drawn throughout the market report presented in a format enabling “drag-and-drop” into business presentations/business plans.

Extensive Worldwide Technical and Market Analyses Presented in this Report:

  • Characterization of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)
    • Their biological properties
    • Mechanisms of tissue repair/regenerative function in vivo
  • Characterization of the Cord Blood Stem Cell Marketplace
    • Quantitative utilization for various disease classes
    • Utilization from different patient types (adult versus pediatric)
    • Size of the public cord blood banking space—number of stored cord blood units available for transplantation
    • Growth rate of the public cord blood banking space
    • Distribution of selected cord blood banks by worldwide region
  • Adult Stem Cells Commercialization Quantitative Trends
    • Cellular therapy market opportunity forecast
    • Growth rate
    • Breakout of the cellular therapy market by autologous versus allogeneic usage
    • Analysis of current stem cell clinical trials pipeline—by stage, by disease class/therapeutic area
    • Cellular therapeutic products currently commercialized and their quantitative market penetrance
    • Cellular therapies performed and their breakout by type of adult stem cell, disease class (therapeutic area) addressed
  • Research Trends Analyzed by Bottom-up Worldwide Market Survey
    • Describes market segmentation by stem cell class
    • Utilization of different cell types for research in cellular therapy
    • Utilization of different cell types for drug discovery/development/toxicity screening assays
    • Types of assays for drug discovery/development/toxicity screening that are deployed using stem cells currently—assay class, market forecast
    • Markers used to characterize different stem cell types (pluripotent stem cells, MSCs, NSCs, HSCs)
    • Market penetrance of different vendors into the overall stem cell marketplace—by reagent class
    • Differentiation of different stem cell types into various cellular lineages
  • More details of the scope of coverage of this industry report are found in the Table of Contents (TOC) for the report—see below for link to downloadable PDF of the TOC

Report Table of Contents (TOC) [Click Here to Download PDF File]

For enquiries about this market report, please contact Kathy Gray at

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