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Algae Biofuel: Why Not Now?

Publisher: Emerging Tech Insights, Inc.
Published: September 2011
Pages: 87


A Strategic Technology Assessment

Algae biofuel is either just around the corner or off in the distant future.  Which?  We used a patented technology mapping process from Emerging Tech Insights, Inc. to answer the question and to Get Beyond the Hype® in algae biofuels. 

Based on our analysis, algae biofuel or biodiesel does appear to be poised to disrupt the liquid fuel business.  Commercial sales are quietly beginning in “specialty” markets.  Our analysis of the technology landscape shows that there are few technological barriers.  For most process steps, well characterized methods can be drawn from a parallel industry.  Only large-scale culture systems need further “standardization” to enable a large-scale algae biofuel industry to break out, and even here a limited number of well-defined options already exist.

Our analysis clearly shows the adjacent markets that can serve as outlets for algae biofuel “waste” products, reducing scrap costs.  Adjacent markets can also serve to finance biofuel market development.

When an algae biofuel industry breaks out, we believe that existing smaller players will begin to consolidate and our cutting-edge models suggest combinations of companies where intellectual property enhancements might exist. 

When a large scale algae biofuel industry does break out, we also believe that winners will include the equipment and chemical suppliers for “standardized” ponds and bioreactors, new aqua culture farmers, suppliers of extraction equipment and chemicals, certain real estate holders and the investors and managers who made it all happen.

If you are considering investment in the algae biofuel area, this report will help you decide where to invest your R&D effort or where an acquisition or partnership might be the best approach.  It will give you an inside look at existing competitors and where they are investing today and what they may have already abandoned. 

You don’t need to take our word for it.  With this report, you also gain access to the unique technology landscape model from which the conclusions were drawn.

Report Table of Contents (TOC) [Click Here to Download PDF File]

For enquiries about this market report, please contact Kathy Gray at

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Agenda Now Online - Clinical Applications of Stem Cells 26-27 February, Singapore
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Dr. Weinmao (Will) Shu, Associate Professor, Heriot Watt University, UK. Very stimulating, I really enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to be here with the leaders in the field. Great debates about the future developments to come.

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