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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry Europe 2017

Claudio Battilocchio 's Biography

Claudio Battilocchio , Dr

Claudio Battilocchio spent his childhood in the stunning area of Tolfa and Allumiere in the province of Rome (Italy). He carried out his undergraduate research at “Sapienza” University of Rome where he received his degree in Medicinal Chemistry in 2008 (cum laude). He was then awarded the CARIPLO fellowship to work on the development of a novel class of anti-mycobacterial agents. In 2009, he started his PhD with Prof Mariangela Biava focusing his research programme on developing new molecular hybrids, nitric oxide donors for the treatment of pain and inflammation (Rottapharm scholarship). He was awarded two prizes for his PhD Thesis (Best PhD and Doctor Europeaus, awarded in 2015 and 2013, respectively). Claudio came to work in Cambridge in 2011 to work with Ian Baxendale (now Professor at Durham University) and Steve Ley on enabling technologies. In 2012 Claudio was appointed to a Pfizer-funded research position in the Ley group to conduct various chemical synthesis projects under our Open Innovation programme. His research concentrated on the application of flow technologies to bridge the gap between industry and academia (including heterogeneous and homogeneous flow catalysis, process intensification and multistep syntheses). Claudio is a Research Associate at Homerton College and currently working on a Syngenta-funded position in the Ley group. His current research deals with the development of robust and scalable flow methodology for Process Development and Manufacturing applications. Claudio is generally committed to push the boundaries of scientific discoveries towards novel strategies to build molecules. He is involved in the development of modular, self-regulating and self–optimising machines to aid the process of molecular discovery and development. Claudio is interested in the development of new tools for delivering better chemistries. Claudio is involved in Knowledge Transfer programmes (academia and industry) in Ley group.

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