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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry Congress 2018

Ping Zhang's Biography

Ping Zhang, Research Investigator

Ping Zhang is a research investigator in the Global Discovery Chemistry at the Novartis Institute of BioMedical Research (NIBR). She completed her B.A. in chemistry at Fudan University in 2006 and conducted her graduate studies at Boston College. At BC, she was working under the direction of Professor James P. Morken and explored organometallic catalysis using boron reagents as versatile building blocks. Upon completion of her PhD in 2012, Ping joined Professor Timothy F. Jamison’s research group at MIT to work on the Pharmacy on Demand (PoD) project funded by DARPA. In 2014, Ping joined NIBR in Cambridge MA where she has been leading and involved in diverse projects including flow technology development, late stage function platform development and early stage drug discovery.

Ping Zhang Image