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SELECTBIO Conferences Current Trends in Antibody Drug Conjugates

Current Trends in Antibody Drug Conjugates Agenda

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CellTech India 2015 | Current Trends in Antibody Drug Conjugates | 

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Monday, 2 March 2015





Plenary Session


Alain BernardKeynote Presentation

Biotech Industrial Process : How Science, Technology and Market Demand meet
Alain Bernard, Vice President, UCB Pharma SA, Belgium

This presentation will highlight the Novel Strategies developed by Pharmaceutical Industry to improve Manufacturing process. It will focus on the safe implementation of Biotechnology Process changes along with maintaining product quality and comparability which has eliminated concerns of lack of capacities. Further, it will discuss the new challenges facing the industry with novel product formats and novel therapy paradigms.


Coffee Break and Networking Session

SESSION 1: Strategies in ADC Synthesis and Characterization/ Session Chair: Ajay Kumar Gupta


Challenges and Opportunities in the Synthesis of Antibody Drug Conjugate Payloads
Jeremy Parker, Project Leader, AstraZeneca, United Kingdom

In this presentation, process chemistry including route design and process design will be discussed for preparation of Antibody Drug Conjugates Payloads. Further, this talk will also explain how principal component analysis can be used to analyse known lists of available cytotoxic molecules which promotes the use of payloads that target chemotherapeutic mechanisms as well as identifying those which are structurally simple and commercially available.


Antibody Drug Conjugates towards a Novel Approach and their Characteristics for Efficient Cancer Therapeutics: Future Prospects and Challenges
G Praveen Kumar, Professor & Principal, Sahasra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, India


Palani PalaniappanKeynote Presentation

Comparability during Preclinical and Clinical Development Continuum
Palani Palaniappan, Vice President & Head, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Co., United States of America

The presentation will describe some general approaches for biological, analytical and preclinical approaches for establishing comparability of materials through development continuum.  


Lunch Break and Networking Session

SESSION 2: Designing Antibody Drug Conjugates/ Session Chair: Mark Wright


Dimiter DimitrovKeynote Presentation

Design and Generation of Site-Specific ADCs
Dimiter Dimitrov, Head/Senior Investigator, National Institutes of Health, United States of America

This Keynote Talk will give an overview about the current state of the ADC field and will discuss in more details site-specific conjugation which has certain advantages compared to random conjugation.  A number of methods for site-specific conjugation will be discussed including engineering sites for conjugations, using naturally occurring sites for conjugation and enzymatic vs chemical methods for generation of site-specific ADCs. Conjugation of antibodies with small molecules through carbohydrates will be discussed in more details and latest results will be presented including generation of ADCs against cancer-related targets.


Development of Antibody-BFCA Conjugates for Radioimmunotherapy of Cancer
Tapas Das, Scientific Officer, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India


Coffee Break and Networking Session


Incorporation of Homo-Bi-Functional Spacer via Hydrazone and Diimide Bond between Hapten-Protein Conjugate
Tulsidas Shrivastav, Professor, National Institute of Health & Family Welfare, India

This talk will focus on development of conjugation chemistry for production of conjugated molecules. It will specifically describe coupling of hapten to protein through homo-bi-functional spacer via hydrazone and diimide bond. Further, it will discuss the importance of  the Incorporation of Labile Bond (hydrazone) in ADC along with the strategy that may be adopted for generation of ADC.


Syngene International LtdTechnology Spotlight:
Changing Landscape of Antibody Drug Conjugates: A CRO Perspective
Priyaranjan Pattanaik, Associate Research Director, Syngene International Ltd


End of First Day of Conference

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

SESSION 3: Development and Manufacture of ADC/ Session Chair: Dimiter Dimitrov


Generation of an Optimal Antibody-Drug Conjugate for Oncology Therapy: Evolving Guiding Principles
Madan Katragadda, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer, United States of America

This presentation will discuss the principles involved in generation of ADCs for Oncology Therapy. Further, it will focus on engineering and optimization of tumor targeting antibody vehicle, conjugation strategy, and chemistry of linker-payload. Factors that guide the optimization of antibody vehicle to suit the linker-payload and conjugation chemistry will also be discussed.


Smooth Antibody Drug Conjugate Development and Manufacturing
Mark Wright, Site Lead, Piramal Healthcare UK Ltd, United Kingdom

This presentation will give an Overview of ADC manufacturing along with Process development considerations for Cysteine and Lysine conjugations. Further, Case study looking at the design and testing of ADC development candidates will be discussed.


Coffee Break and Networking Session

SESSION 4: Nanotechnology for Delivery of ADCs/ Session Chair: Jeremy Parker


Nanotheranostic Systems for Pancreatic Cancer: Therapeutic Potential and Challenges
Preeti Nigam Joshi, INSPIRE Faculty, National Chemical Laboratory, India

In this presentation, different strategies for selective delivery of nano based chemotherapeutics to pancreatic cancer site and simultaneous imaging (theranostics) will be described. ADCs, siRNA and ligand receptor based multifunctional nanoconjugates and their therapeutic potential against this deadly cancer will be discussed. The other part of the discussion will be focused on the major challenges associated with successful clinical translation of nanotheranostic systems and their possible solutions for early diagnosis of cancers.


Engineering of Antibody Conjugated Drug Loaded Nanoparticle for Targeted Drug Delivery
Ajay Kumar Gupta, Director & Head, Confederation of Indian Industry, India

In this presentation, various selective targeting strategies using nanoparticles for achieving effective cancer detection and treatment would be discussed. Various targeting moieties which may be used as 'escort' molecules to specific tumor tissues including peptides and antibodies etc would be discussed. In addition, different methods of conjugating the functional moieties to nanoparticles and strategies for optimizing the nanoparticle surfaces for in vivo applications would be discussed.


Lunch Break and Networking Session

SESSION 5: Approaches for Targeting ADCs


Site-Specific Antibody Drug Conjugation through Carbohydrate
Dimiter Dimitrov, Head/Senior Investigator, National Institutes of Health, United States of America


Use of Abrin-Antibody Conjugates in Cell-Targeted Killing
Anjali Karande, Professor, Indian Institute of Science, India


Novel Drug Discovery on Antibody-Drug Conjugate System
Rajkumar Halder, Scientist E, Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, India

This talk will focus on how to develop a novel antibody-drug conjugate system through expanding genetic code and its superiority over other ADC systems. It will also include strategies and approaches for selecting an antibody, linker, toxin/s and payload for the development of a novel ADC system from bench side to bedside for the treatment of Her2+ breast cancer though strong collaboration between academia and industries.


Bioanalytical & Pre-Clinical Development Strategies for ADCs
Sanghamitra Bhattacharjee, Senior Scientist, Theramyt Novobiologics Pvt. Ltd, India

In this talk, development of trastuzumab-emtansine will be discussed as a case study. Further, it will throw light on Product Development and Pre-Clinical Strategies for ADCs.


Coffee Break and Networking Session

Panel Discussion: Safety & Efficacy of Antibody Drug Conjugates- Where are We Currently?


Safety & Efficacy of Antibody Drug Conjugates- Where are We Currently?
Palani Palaniappan, Vice President & Head, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Co., United States of America

Ajay Kumar Gupta, Senior Counsellor / Director & Head, Confederation of Indian Industry, India

Jeremy Parker, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca, United Kingdom

Mark Wright, Site Lead, Piramal Healthcare UK Ltd, United Kingdom


End of Conference

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