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SELECTBIO Conferences Adult Stem Cells & Exosome-based Therapeutics 2020

Adult Stem Cells & Exosome-based Therapeutics 2020 Agenda

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Thursday, 12 November 2020


Sai Kiang LimKeynote Presentation

Title to be Confirmed.
Sai Kiang Lim, Research Director, Institute of Medical Biology, A*STAR, Singapore


Chulhee ChoiKeynote Presentation

Title to be Confirmed.
Chulhee Choi, Professor and Chair, BioMedical Imaging Center, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), President, ILIAS Biologics Incorporated, Korea South


Niek DekkerKeynote Presentation

Engineered Extracellular Vesicles for Drug Delivery
Niek Dekker, Principal Scientist, Discovery Sciences, AstraZeneca, Sweden

Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) represent an exciting opportunity as biological delivery vehicle for therapeutic cargo with excellent safety, low intrinsic immunogenicity, cell-specific tropism and biological delivery efficiency. There are multiple approaches for the introduction of protein and RNA cargo into EVs, including physical, chemical and cell engineering. We have engineered Expi293F suspension cells with transient expression of fusion proteins for reversible loading with protein cargo with examples for Cre recombinase and Cas9 for CRISPR gene editing. We have developed a single molecule fluorescence microcopy technique to quantify cargo loading at a single particle level, showing excellent loading for GFP fusions with CD63 with on average 70 copies of the fusion protein per particle. Functional delivery of Cre recombinase, as measured in a reporter cell line, was dependent on addition of small molecule or peptide enhancers of endosomal escape. Human Expi293F cell-derived EVs did not trigger any significant immune response in vitro in human blood. The in vivo assessment following a single intravenous administration of these EVs in BALB/c mice did not reveal marked hematological changes, cytokine induction or histopathological effects. Labeling of EVs using fluorescent mCherry, luminescent NanoLuc or radio-isotope 111Indium marker allowed for on line analysis of bio-distribution in vivo. We have achieved efficient gene editing in vivo following single administration of EVs carrying Cas9 and sgRNA to knock down human PCSK9 in a transgenic mouse model. Further opportunities of naïve and engineered EVs for drug discovery and their potential for therapeutic applications will be discussed.


Dominique PV de KleijnKeynote Presentation

Title to be Confirmed.
Dominique PV de Kleijn, Professor Experimental Vascular Surgery, Professor Netherlands Heart Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands, Netherlands


Yong Song GhoKeynote Presentation

Title to be Confirmed.
Yong Song Gho, Professor, Pohang University of Science And Technology (POSTECH), Korea South

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