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Flow Chemistry India Agenda

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Monday, 29 October 2012


C. Oliver KappeKeynote Presentation

Continuous Flow Chemistry in Explosive Regimes
C. Oliver Kappe, Professor and Scientific Director, Center for Continuous Flow Synthesis and Processing, University of Graz, Austria

This presentation will describe liquid and gas/liquid continuous flow processes that operate in hazardous/explosive regimes. Industrially relevant flow processes involving hydrazine, in situ generated peralkanoic acids and oxygen gas/solvent mixtures using high-temperature/high-pressure processing conditions will be presented.


Flow Chemistry: Engineering Issues, Challenges & Solutions
Amol Kulkarni, Scientist, National Chemical Laboratory, India


Coffee Break and Networking


Improving the Flow with In Situ, Real Time Analytics
Brian Wittkamp, Reaction Analysis Market Development Manager, Mettler Toledo, United States of America

Continuous flow chemistry is a relatively new development method for compound generation outside of the chemical and petroleum industries. This presentation focuses on the application of in situ FTIR in continuous flow and the value it brings as a real time reaction information and optimization tool.


Modular Microreactors for Laboratory and Production Scale and Exemplary Application for Phase Transfer Catalysis
Shailesh Dhume, Process Lead, Bayer Technology Services, India

The presentation will introduce the concept of microreactors, discuss its advantages and limitations, present the Ehrfeld microreactor system and disclose examples of its application.


Lunch, Poster Viewing and Networking


Paul WattsKeynote Presentation

Improving Organic Synthesis by Exploiting Flow Reactor Technology
Paul Watts, Distinguished Professor and Research Chair, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa

The application of flow reactors to efficiently optimise a range of different chemical reactions will be described in this presentation.


Accessing New Chemical Space Using Flow Chemistry-Industry’s Answer To New Compounds?
Laszlo Kocsis, Head, ThalesNano Nanotechnology Inc, Hungary

This Presentation will focus on how flow chemistry at high temperatures and short residence ties can synthesize biologically important novel bicyclic heterocycles not possible under standard lab conditions.


Coffee Break and Networking


Panel Discussion
Chaired by Oliver Kappe

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