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SELECTBIO Conferences Diagnostics & Biomarkers - Online Event

Diagnostics & Biomarkers - Online Event Agenda

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Oncology Biomarkers


William GallaghrKeynote Presentation

Translation of Omic Data into Personalised Oncology Tools: The Challenge and the Reward
William Gallaghr, Chief Scientific Officer/Professor, OncoMark Limited/University College Dublin, Ireland

This presentation will cover how bottlenecks in the validation of candidate tumour progression-related biomarkers can be overcome. In particular, the use of tissue microarray technology and digital pathology will be highlighted. In addition, a novel mechanistically anchored biomarker panel that outcompetes current prognostic classifers in breast cancer will be introduced for the first time.


Genome-Scale Protein Expression Analysis of Individual Solid Tumors
Metodi Metodiev, Biological Safety Officer, University of Essex, United Kingdom

Genome-scale molecular profiling of tumours is becoming widespread in cancer research but most of the activity focuses on DNA/RNA. This talk will present a complementary more-direct approach to discover biomarkers and potential drug targets: genome-scale tumour proteome analysis by high-precision mass spectrometry and bioinformatics.


Oncology Biomarker Testing: Current U.S. Practice Baseline and Emerging Trends
Julia Trosman, Director, Center for Business Models in Healthcare, United States of America

Review of several key issues in oncology biomarker testing and description of baseline practices for breast, gastroesophageal and non-small cell lung cancer biomarkers at National Cancer Institute designated cancer centres in the US.


Tissue and cfDNA Rare Alleles How Low Can We Go?
Seth Crosby, Director, Washington University School of Medicine, United States of America

Will discuss bench versus bioinformatic approaches to sensitivity to rare alleles both in malignant tissue and in a so-called ”liquid biopsy"

Predictive Biomarkers


Biomarkers to Predict Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Claire Morgan, Senior Lecturer, Swansea University, United Kingdom

It is impossible to diagnose cancer or predict disease progression using a single biomarker. Therefore, there is a need to a identify panels of biomarkers that when used collectively will aid diagnosis, prediction of disease progression and guide therapy.

Companion Diagnostics


Development of a Blood Based Protein Signature to Stratify Patients for Prostate Cancer Treatment. From Discovery to Clinical Diagnostics
Stephen Pennington, Professor, University College Dublin, Ireland

Having established an end-user driven clinical need we are implementing a strategy to progress protein biomarkers from individual candidates into protein signatures of clinical diagnostic utility. This strategy takes advantage of a consortium based approach for the identification of candidates and acquisition of patient samples for clinical evaluation of the protein signature in a manner that supports commercialisation for delivery.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


New Metabolomics Biomarker for Heart Failure
Philipp Schatz, Head of Biomarker Program, Metanomics Health GmbH, Germany

The new blood plasma based CLIA-ready assay enables early HFrEF management in primary care settings. Due to its high clinical performance for the early diagnosis of HFrEF, this test offers a reliable and cost effective screening tool applicable to the primary care physician practice.

Biomarkers in Drug Development


Parallel Tracking i-biomarker™ Development with Drug Development for Maximum Benefit
Kevin Cox, Chief Executive Officer, Imanova Limited, United Kingdom

This talk will illustrate, with case studies, how appropriate and timely use of imaging biomarkers can significantly reduce the risk, cost and time of drug development.

Discovery & Validation Technologies


Fit-for-Purpose Biomarker Assay Validation – From Research Tool to Diagnostic Test
Jeff Cummings, Senior Quality Assurance Scientist, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, United Kingdom

The process of method validation across the biomarker spectrum from research tool to diagnostic test is explained taking account of regulatory requirements. To illustrate the process, an example of a prognostic/predictive biomarker in cancer research is included.


Imaging Biomarkers - Future or Reality?
Edwin van Beek, SINAPSE Chair & Director, Clinical Radiology & Clinical Research Imaging Centre, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Imaging using advanced tools are increasingly used beyond mere diagnosis, such as phenotyping, extent of disease assessment and evaluation of treatment response. This presentation will address methods, current capabilities and future directives for the use of imaging-based biomarkers.


Creating a Clinical Diagnostic Test from Discovery Through Launch with Mass Spectrometry
Daniel Chelsky, Chief Scientific Officer, Caprion Proteomics Inc, Canada

Hundreds of candidate protein biomarkers can be rapidly triaged, using MRM mass spectrometry, without the use of antibodies. A case study will be presented that led to a commercialized test for benign vs. malignant pulmonary nodules.


A Novel, Vertically-Integrated Platform for the Discovery and Molecular Characterization of Lung Cancer Stem Cells (Aggressive Endophenotypes)
Raj Batra, Associate Professor, University of California Los Angeles, United States of America

We have developed an approach to study intratumoral heterogeneity, and to uncover the molecular basis of aggressive tumor cell phenotypes.


Andreas JerominKeynote Presentation

Biomarkers from Discovery to Clinical Diagnostics : Applications of Single-Molecule Array (Simoa) Technology
Andreas Jeromin, President & Cso, Atlantic Biomarkers LLC, United States of America


Plasma Vitronectin Predicts Response to Fluoropyrimidine-oxaliplatin (FOLFOX) Chemotherapy in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (CRC)
Sarah Hayes, Research Fellow, University of Sydney, Australia

Using proteomics techniques, primarily selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry (SRM-MS), we have identified a predictive protein marker of colorectal cancer patient response to chemotherapy. This presentation will discuss the discovery-through-validation process of developing markers able to be translated into the clinic.

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