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SELECTBIO Conferences 3D-Culture, Organoids & Tox Screening Europe 2019


Using the Multi-Organ-Chip Technology For Predictive Safety and Efficacy Testing In Drug Development

Katharina Schimek, Senior Scientist and Project Manager, TissUse GmbH

Present in vitro and animal tests for drug development do not reliable predict the human outcomes of tested drugs and substances because they are failing to emulate the organ complexity of the human body, leading to high attrition rates in clinical studies. These systemic responses of applied substances are ignored in most in vitro tests.

Microphysiological systems have proven to be a powerful tool for recreating human tissue- and organ-like functions at research level, providing the basis for the establishment of qualified preclinical assays with improved predictive power. However, industrial adoption of microphysiological systems and respective assays is progressing slowly due to their complexity. In the first part of the presentation examples of established single-organ chip, two-organ and four-organ chip solutions are highlighted. The underlying universal microfluidic Multi-Organ-Chip (MOC) platform with the size of a microscopic slide consists of an on-chip micro-pump and is capable to interconnect different organ equivalents. The micro-pump ensures stable long-term circulation of media through the tissue culture compartments at variable flow rates, adjustable to near to physiological mechanical stresses of the respective tissues. Issues to ensure long-term performance and industrial acceptance of microphysiological systems, such as design criteria, tissue supply and on chip tissue homeostasis will be discussed. Finally, a roadmap into the future is outlined, to further bring these assays into regulatory-accepted drug testing on a global scale.

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