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SELECTBIO Conferences 3D-Printing in the Life Sciences


Handheld Skin Printer: In-Situ Formation of Biomaterials and Skin Tissues

Axel Guenther, Associate Professor and Co-Lead, Collaborative Centre for Research and Applications in Fluidic Technologies (CRAFT), University of Toronto

I discuss the in-situ delivery of biomaterials and cells for skin tissue repair. We developed a handheld skin bioprinter, specifically for intraoperative use. I will discuss unique features of the handheld bioprinter instrument, physical and in vitro characterization of in-situ deposited biomaterials and tissues, as well as in vivo results that were obtained in porcine wound in collaboration with Dr. Marc Jeschke’s team at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto.

Add to Calendar ▼2019-10-14 00:00:002019-10-15 00:00:00Europe/London3D-Printing in the Life Sciences3D-Printing in the Life Sciences in Coronado Island, CaliforniaCoronado Island,