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Journey of Bt Brinjal in India through Public – Private Partnership

Biswanath Mazumdar, Senior Vice President(Technical) , Ceres Beeja Research Pvt.Ltd.

Cry1Fa1 gene was developed indigenously at NRCPB, Indian Agricultural Research Institute to control Brinjal shoot and fruit borer (BSFB) effectively. All laboratory tests were done in IARI to develop the right event. In 2005, IARI extended hand to a private company, Bejo Sheetal Seeds Pvt. Ltd. to commercialize the Bt technology in Brinjal against shoot and fruit borer. Since then, Bejo Sheetal Seeds has initiated the activities like the development of LOD at 0.01%, insect bio-assay and Bt protein expression in plant. After considering all the results, Indian regulatory authority RCGM approved Bio-safety studies which included toxicity and allregenecity with pure protein, feeding and food safety studies, environmental safety studies and two years Bio-safety research level-1field trial in 2009 and 2010 to observe safety aspects of Bt gene (Cry1Fa1) and effect of the gene on the target insect BSFB (Leucinodes orbonalis); beneficial and sucking insect. Bio-safety studies results showed that 1. cry1 Fa1 pure protein has no toxic as well as allergenic effect on mammals, protein also heat liable; 2. Daily consumption of Bt Brinjal as food has no effect on mammals, there was no significant change in composition of brinjal due to integration of Cry1Fa1 gene; 3. Gene has no effect on soil eco system and 4. There was no change in pollen morphology, viability and pollen production in brinjal due to Cry1Fa1 gene. Field experiment showed that Bt Brinjal (Event 142) having Cry1Fa1 gene effectively control BSFB in comparison to non Bt hybrid and local check. There was no effect of Bt toxicity on beneficial insects and sucking pests. In case of agronomic traits Bt Brinjal are significantly higher than non Bt counterpart or check.

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