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LIMS Configuration - The Essential Ingredient for Successful Implementations

John Boother, Managing Director, Autoscribe Ltd.

Comprehensive and genuine configurability, without writing custom code or using a programming script, is a rare commodity in the LIMS business but it is the key to a successful LIMS implementation. Genuine configurability, without custom code, means that a LIMS can be designed quickly to represent user requirements in terms of workflows, screen designs, menu designs, terminology, report designs and much more. Importantly screen based configurability provides an on-screen view of the work being done rather than looking at lines of code. A genuinely configurable system also avoids the need for users to change their normal working practices in order to meet the restrictions of their chosen LIMS. Compromises caused by lack of system configurability are the most common reasons for failed LIMS projects and/or dissatisfaction with the system supplied. Configuration tools ensure that a LIMS can keep pace with the changes needed as the customer business requirements develop. In my 30 years in the LIMS business I have seen many global LIMS projects fail or, at best, be criticised heavily by the users of the delivered systems. The main reason for this is that companies try to impose a standard system for various sites within their organisation even though the sites may have very specific requirements in terms of workflow, screen designs and reports, as an example. The Autoscribe approach is to use their unique configuration tools that allow different user experiences at each local site optimised to fit local requirements.

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