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SELECTBIO Conferences International Conference on Advances in Next Generation Sequencing


De novo Transcriptome Analysis- Insights from Plant Transcriptome Data

Sriram Parameswaran, Chief Technology Officer, Genotypic Technology Pvt Ltd

In the recent decade advancement in sequencing technology and development of computational algorithms have accelerated the ability to obtain and assign annotation to biological datasets. De novo transcriptome sequencing enable the unprecedented ability to obtain insights in to yet unexplored rare, non-genetically characterized plants obtained in situ and identify its genetic coding complement. De novo transcriptome data can be used to assign functional classes, pathway and derive gene interaction that encode novel biochemical activity. ~70% of the drug in use today are either natural products or derivatives of natural products modified to improve the pharmaceutical properties of the compound. This talk will focus on biological insights obtained from de novo transcriptomics of medicinal plants exploring the insights from three cases. Such data can be applied in novel product prospecting, pathway/metabolic engineering or in development of systems to produce the compounds at higher yield. 

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