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SELECTBIO Conferences Bioimaging: From Cells To Molecules 2016


3-D Optical Tomography For Ex Vivo And In Vivo Imaging

James McGinty, Professor, Imperial College London

Optical tomography covers a range of techniques that use light to determine the 3-D structure/properties of a sample. In this talk I will describe my work under two regimes; optical projection tomography (OPT) and diffuse fluorescence tomography (DFT). OPT is a 3-D imaging technique applicable to (semi)-transparent specimens and often described as the optical equivalent of X-ray CT. I will introduce the basic concept of OPT including its typical performance characteristics. I will them describe methods to improve the spatial resolution and light collection efficiency using multiplexed imaging and remote focal scanning. I will then describe how similar hardware can be applied to highly scattering samples (e.g. mice) for DFT. 

Add to Calendar ▼2016-06-14 00:00:002016-06-15 00:00:00Europe/LondonBioimaging: From Cells To Molecules 2016 Bioimaging: From Cells To Molecules 2016 in Cambridge, UKCambridge,