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SELECTBIO Conferences 3D-Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering


Laser-Based 3-D Bioprinting

Douglas Chrisey, Professor/Chair, Tulane University

Laser direct-write (LDW) printing was initially used for printing complex electronic materials in thin-films and circuits with spatial resolutions ~10 ┬Ám.  This precise resolution and reproducibility made laser direct-write techniques attractive for adaptation to tissue engineering applications. Three-dimensional (3D) printing in tissue engineering requires the ability to deposit precise patterns of multicomponent and multiphase materials without degrading desirable properties such as porosity, homogeneity, or biological activity. Laser-based techniques can deposit patterns of biomaterials such as proteins, DNA, or living cells (individual or aggregated) with high spatial and volumetric resolution on the order of a picoliter or less, without compromising the viability of these delicate structures.  This talk discusses how laser-based 3D printing techniques seek to address issues in tissue and organ printing.

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