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SELECTBIO Conferences 3D-Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering


Regenerative Medicine Research Performed Using EnvisionTEC’s 3D-Bioplotter

Nicole Witzleben, Biomedical Applications Engineer, EnvisionTEC

Within the field of Regenerative Medicine is the growing research branch into bioprinting. The main application of bioprinting is the creation of bone and tissue scaffolds for implantation. Such scaffolds are not meant to be permanently implanted within the body, they are intended to allow the body’s own tissue to regenerate around the scaffold as it dissolves. Five fields of research where bioprinting is widely used include bone regeneration, cartilage regeneration, soft tissue biofabrication, drug release, and organ printing. The 3D-Bioplotter is a rapid prototyping machine specifically designed to print biocompatible material for these applications. Various biomaterials can be selected by the user for the appropriate area of research or even printed simultaneously to fabricate multi-materials parts. The user is able to optimize the inner structure of the scaffold to meet the requirements of their project with different designs, including lines, zig-zags, waves, and honeycombs. This presentation will provide an insight into the developing field of bioprinting and the 3D-Bioplotter’s role in that growth. We will review the timeline in the development of research utilizing EnvisionTEC’s 3D-Bioplotter and reference noteworthy published studies in bioprinting.

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