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SELECTBIO Conferences 3D-Bioprinting, Biofabrication, Organoids & Organs-on-Chips Asia 2022


Freeform, Reconfigurable Embedded Printing of All-Aqueous 3D Architectures

Tiantian Kong, Associate Professor, Shenzhen University

Aqueous microstructures are challenging to create, handle and preserve since their surfaces tend to shrink into spherical shapes with minimum surface areas. The creation of freeform aqueous architectures will significantly advance the bioprinting of complex tissue-like constructs, such as arteries, urinary catheters and tracheae. We demonstrate the generation of complex, freeform, three-dimensional (3D) all-liquid architectures using formulated aqueous two-phase systems (ATPSs). These all-liquid micro-constructs are formed by printing aqueous bioinks in an immiscible aqueous environment, which functions as a biocompatible support and a pregel solution. By exploiting the hydrogen bonding interaction between polymers in ATPS, the printed aqueous-in-aqueous reconfigurable 3D architectures can be stabilized for more than 10 days by the non-covalent membrane at the interface. Different cells can be separately combined with compartmentalized bioinks and matrices to obtain tailor-designed tissue-like constructs with perfusable vascular networks. The freeform, reconfigurable embedded printing of all-liquid architectures by ATPSs offers unique opportunities and powerful tools since limitless formulations can be designed from among a breadth of natural and synthetic hydrophilic polymers to mimic tissues. This printing approach may be useful to engineer biomimetic, dynamic tissue-like constructs with spatially defined, vascularized networks.

Add to Calendar ▼2022-10-06 00:00:002022-10-07 00:00:00Europe/London3D-Bioprinting, Biofabrication, Organoids and Organs-on-Chips Asia 20223D-Bioprinting, Biofabrication, Organoids and Organs-on-Chips Asia 2022 in Tokyo, JapanTokyo,