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SELECTBIO Conferences Biomarkers 2014


CNS Biomarkers from Discovery to Clinical Diagnostics: Molecules, Matrices and Platforms

Andreas Jeromin, President & Cso, Atlantic Biomarkers LLC

There is increased interest in the use of blood-based biomarkers in CNS disorders and the detection of low-abundance biomarkers.  Quanterix has developed Single Molecule Array (Simoa) technology that allows multiple proteins to be detected at concentrations 1000-fold lower than is possible with current technologies.  Simoa is based on the capture of single molecules on paramagnetic beads, and their detection in arrays of femtoliter wells.  Single molecule sensitivity allows proteins to be detected at subfemtomolar concentrations.  I will  describe  the power of this analytical sensitivity in selected neurological case studies.  Simoa is developed on an automated analyzer and strategically designed to span the continuum from the research-use only to IVD/CDX market. 

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