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SELECTBIO Conferences Clinical Applications of Stem Cells


iHuman Platform and Application Potential for Health

Cao Tong, Vice Dean, Director of Oral Science Disciplines, NUHS, NUS Faculty of Dentistry

Unlimited, standard, functional tissues and organs with vascularization and innervation from single hESC are currently being explored. It offers ideal in-vitro ‘clinical’ platform of no-risk trials/tests for the studies and applications of all human health related sciences including fundamental study of health, ageing, disease, prevention, diagnosis, therapy and transplant; drug and med-tech R&D. Moreover, this live human platform will be widely adopted in much more areas beyond medicine and pharmaceutics in other industries. The immediate applications will be the human function and safety evaluation of food; cosmetic; daily and general chemicals; organisms; nuclear, IT, electromagnetic, radiating device and technique; environment (air, water, soil, daily living and working environment); etc. As much more cost-effective and safer platform, iHuman will replace animals and human-subjects in near future.

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