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SELECTBIO Conferences CellTech India 2015


Developing and Utilizing 3D Culture Systems for New Target Discovery/Cell Based Assays

Praveen Reddy, Scientific Manager, Biocon Ltd

2D Mammalian cell culture was the most trusted technique, widely used in new target identification and validation. But lack of its similarity to the actual physiology was a major hurdle. As the cost of drug development is rising due to high costs involved in vivo experiments, there is an increasing pressure for more predictive low expensive high throughput in vitro models and assays for functional characterization of molecules. Better understanding of Extracellular Matrix (ECM) provides a new method of growing cells in 3 dimensions. Collagen and hydrogel based biomimetic scaffold has become an investable necessity for tissue engineering that utilizes 3D cell culture. Principle formats for 3D cell culture for drug discovery include filter supports, sponges and gels; and micro carriers.

Pharmacological studies of new drug candidates are often executed in 2D cell cultures. However, toxic effects of these drug candidates are not demonstrated until human trials are conducted. But more sensitive toxic effect has been observed in 3D culture for the same. 3D cell culture also yields additional data in terms of cell–cell interaction. It has also been reported

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