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SELECTBIO Conferences CellTech India 2015


Cell based Assays and Screening Technologies

Shahab Uddin, Technology Manager, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms

An Early part of drug discovery process involves screening a library of compounds using defined biochemical methods in an uHTS format. However, the effect of a NCE’s on an organism is complex and involves interactions at multiple levels, which is hard to understand or predict by just biochemical methods. In order to understand this complexity, cell based screening are more relevant to predict the response as either therapeutic or toxic in nature, the introduction of 3D cultures, which support cell growth and mimic in vivo microenvironments, better correlation can be made and small animal studies serve as an even better models. These assay systems in use for drug target validation and ADMET studies can provide more representative responses to in-vivo conditions. Opting for a cell-based assay requires understanding the endpoint measured, correlation with cell viability and limitations of assay chemistries.  I will discuss a model assay system, advances in assay chemistries and signal detection technologies to be considered when choosing cell-based assays for automated systems.

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