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SELECTBIO Conferences Drug Discovery India 2017


Requisites of Pre-formulation R&D in Reverse Pharmaceutics

Lal Hingorani, Chairman/Managing Director, Pharmanza Herbal Pvt Ltd

In Ayurveda, a very well developed sub-discipline entirely devoted to drug formulations is known as “Bhaisajya Kalpanaa”. It is based on “Pancavidha Kasaaya” concept. There are five basic forms of formulation known as; 
1 ‘Swarasa’ the juice, 
2 ‘Kalka’, A fine paste obtained by grinding fresh or wet dried plant material 
3 ‘Kwaatha’, The decoction, 
4 ‘Sheeta’ or ‘Hima’, The cold-water infusion and 
5 ‘Faanta’, The hot water infusion. 
Based on these basic concepts diverse kinds of formulations and dosage forms are practiced by traditional practitioners. These are choorna, arka, guti, vati, asava, arishata, satwa, kshara, parpati, mashi, bhasma, medicated grhita/oil etc. At times many complex and prolonged processes are involved in these traditional pharmaceuticals. It is essential to comprehend scientific principles and the wisdom behind these processes while ensuring the desired biological activity. 
Pharmacological activity of any product will largely be influenced by physico-chemical stability and bio-pharmaceutical suitability of the dosage forms. With advances in modern pharmaceutical sciences, techniques and available tools we can measure different parameters of drug to be formulated and can study its solubility, partitioning, stability, physico-chemical characterization etc. Application of these pre-formulation studies for Ayurvedic products would help enhance product standardization, efficacy, safety and batch-to batch reproducibility.  
Product characterization, for physico-chemical properties, identification of phytomarkers, optimization of phytoactives, and understanding the interactions of co-administered multi-ingredient formulations are the challenges of these traditional phyto-pharmaceuticals. In reverse pharmaceutics approach these challenges may be translated into opportunities by integrating the scientific principles of traditional pharmaceutics and application of the modern pre-formulation R&D. 

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