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SELECTBIO Conferences Drug Discovery India 2017


Natural Products for Cancer Management: Myth or Reality?

A Pratap Kumar, Professor, UT Health San Antonio

Increasing rates of cancer incidence and mortality in developing countries and cancer survivors in western countries has made cancer a global issue. Epidemiological evidence suggests an inverse association between consumption of fruits and vegetables and cancer incidence. Although conventional therapeutic approaches such as radiation or chemotherapy have proved to be effective modalities for many patients, disease relapse and numerous side effects that preclude optimum quality of life are critical barriers. Therefore, discovery of adjuvants that can prevent relapse or lower the dose –mediated side effects of conventional therapies are an active area of cancer research. I will discuss the potential of Nexrutine (Nx; an over the counter supplement) to potentiate chemo- and radiotherapy-induced effects in various model systems. Further, the safety of Nx in patients receiving conventional cancer treatment will be discussed. Our work provides evidence for the feasibility of natural products for cancer management and emphasizes the importance of comprehensive investigations using appropriate models. 

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