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SELECTBIO Conferences Drug Discovery India 2017


Virtual Herbal Discovery Platform empowered by HubScience AI

Timea Polgar, VP, R&D & Founder, Envision Biotechnology

With the global increase in the demand for medicinal plant or plant-derived medicines, there is a call for ensuring the quality and safety of herbal drugs using several modern analytical techniques. Chemical constituents in herbal medicine may vary depending on harvest seasons, plant origins, drying processes, and other related factors. Therefore, it seems to be necessary to determine most of the phytochemical constituents of herbal products in order to ensure the reliability and repeatability of pharmacological and clinical research, to understand their bioactivities and possible side effects so as to enhance the quality of the herbal products. In order to tackle the challenges of molecular synergism in nature, and the lack of experimental data Envision Biotechnology builds ontologies based on relationships between herbal chemical components and molecular targets, pathways and human effects considering polypharmacology and network pharmacology. Envision Biotechnology collaborates with HubScience to develop a Herbal Knowledge-base by extracting knowledge using HubScience Artificial Inteligence from various digitalized text sources. The Herbal Knowledge-base is built by several parties on a platform that allows real time and interactive data extraction and analysis.
In this presentation we demonstrate the applicability and the development of a unique and novel Virtual Herbal Scientific Platform that integrates multidisciplinary herbal data and implements state of the art scientific informatics modeling opening new doors for the discovery and development of new drugs from natural products or new herbal medicine.

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