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SELECTBIO Conferences DXS Track Two


Parallels to Developed Markets as China and Asia Move Forward

Nat Whitney, President, Whitney Research, Inc

In 1983, when first encountering IVD in China, all IVD companies were state owned and only manufacturing either reagents or instruments, but not both. Over the years, Mr. Whitney has observed changes to landscape that are repeats of what he observed in the US over the past 50 years. He will describe these changes and the driving forces that will transform the marketplace in China for both local and multinational companies. Lessons can be learned from the history of the developed markets that have affected product offerings and will determine the future popularity of the latest technologies. The healthcare structure and the move to POCT, molecular/genetic testing, lab IT and automation will be discussed, including the early resistance in the US to adoption and the reasons why Chinese hospitals now resist. Also, what impact China Healthcare Reform and the most recent two 5 year plans have had on IVD, as well as the regulatory changes that have affected laboratory diagnostics.

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