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Progress of Microreaction Technology: from Lab to Industrial Applications

Guangwen Chen, Professor, Dalian Institute Of Chemical Physics

Microreaction technologies have already been regarded as one of the most promising paradigms of the miniaturization of the chemical factories. It is a dream and ultimate goal for researchers major in the field of microchemical engineering to push microreaction technology use in chemical industry. This work will present our recent accomplishment using microreaction technology from fundamental research to industrial applications. With respect to fundamental study on lab-scale, our research mainly focus on the investigation of hydrodynamics, mass transfer and reaction characteristics of gas-liquid, liquid-liquid multiphase systems. Concerning the industrial applications, some examples will be given on the industrial production within the microreactor. A mini-plant with process capacity of 100 kiloton per year via microchemical technology has been successfully developed and used in the factory to produce monoammonium phosphate. A micro-structured industrial demonstration plant was also developed recently, producing petroleum sulfonate with annual throughput of 10000 tons and flame retardant magnesium hydroxide nano-plates with annual throughput of 5000 tons. Development processes will also be analyzed in detail.

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