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Continuous Flow to Scale-up Hazardous Reactions

Christian Stevens, Senior Full Professor, Ghent University

Continuous flow set-ups are intrinsically considered safer in comparison to scale-up procedures in batch because of the small volumes, the containment of the reaction and the excellent heat exchange. It also allows to scale reactions with highly unstable intermediates. During the last decades, microflow technology has gained an enormous interest in both academic research and within the chemical industry. 
Our research group has focused on chemical transformations in which microreactor technology really adds value to the process because of safer operation or because of selective production of building blocks.
The lecture will focus on various reaction types that benefit from continuous processing (exothermic reactions, dangerous reagents, automation of reactions …). Bromination reactions, production of ionic liquids, handling of acid chlorides and toxic gases will be discussed.
Since 2005, the technological platform of the SynBioC research group dedicated to continuous flow has been involved in various industrial and fundamental projects. Selected and recent examples will be discussed within this presentation.

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