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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry India 2018


Flow Chemistry - From Concept to Implementation

Charlotte Wiles, Chief Executive Officer, Chemtrix BV

With the drivers for adopting continuous processing, or ‘flow chemistry’, being well reported and varied, there can be a desire within a Company to change ‘from batch to flow’, but how to go about this, where to start?

In this presentation, a series of case studies will be used to highlight how Companies manufacturing using continuous flow techniques have approached the transition from ‘idea to reality’ and the typical timelines for this transfer.  Examples will be selected to demonstrate the translation of existing processes from batch to flow, whilst others will show how the technology was used to develop production protocols that enable manufacturing to be brought back in house or outsourced to CMO’s.

The presentation will show that a multidisciplinary approach is required to achieve these goals as projects transition from the chemists’ domain to one led by chemical and mechanical engineers.  The presentation will also touch on the regulatory aspect of transitioning from ‘batch to flow’, changing business models and the need for strategic partnerships.

A key take home message will be the need for multi-disciplinary teams and integration of skill sets – something that can sometimes be a challenge within organizations.

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