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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry Asia 2019


Advances in Upscaling Microreactor Systems for Production of Drug Chemicals

Dong-Pyo Kim, Yonsan Chaired Professor, Center for Intelligent Microprocess of Pharmaceutical Synthesis, POSTECH

Continuous-flow technology is emerging for efficient, sustainable and safe synthesis of drug and the precursors. Scale-up production approach is generally achieved by numbering-up microreactors in parallel as well as increasing channel size-up. At here, we present various economic numbering-up microreactor systems with robustness for scale-up production of several drug compounds. The stacked stainless steel metal microreactors and portable polymer pad are developed to demonstrate a drug via azide-alkyne reaction, fast synthesis of organophosphates in a cost-effective and single-step manner. Moreover, an upscaling photocatalysis in flow is also performed in an multi-capillary assembly system for synthesis of indazoles with improved productivity.

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