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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry Asia 2019


Exploiting Segmented Flow Chemistry In Modern Compound Library Synthesis

Andrew Mansfield, Flow Chemistry Leader, Syrris

The pharmaceutical industry continues to go through changes both in its approach to drug discovery and in the way, it uses new enabling technologies. The constant demand to deliver new drugs to market is the driver to adopt new strategies to improve the speed through early discovery to production and to the point of care. One of the major challenges faced today in drug discovery programs is the increasing demand to deliver a continuous supply of active compounds, generally novel and structurally diverse, in increasing numbers and in shorter timelines.  The use of continuous flow technology in the chemical synthesis of libraries allows the exploration of novel reaction windows to deliver a wider chemical space and more compound diversity over traditional methods. The technique enables the rapid optimization of synthetic protocols, access to reactions that were formerly avoided because of scale or safety concerns, telescoped reactions avoiding purification between steps and ready-made scale-up strategies.  This presentation illustrates how flow chemistry technology has enabled the synthesis of a range of structurally diverse compounds across a range of chemistries with the benefits of automation and reaction control.

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