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SELECTBIO Conferences High Content & Phenotypic Screening 2016


Cell-based Assay Development and Screening – A Parallel Approach using Recombinant, Primary and 3D Models

Sheraz Gul, Head of Assay Development & Screening, Fraunhofer-IME SP

Due to the advances in stem cell technologies, we have developed improved assay systems that makes use of highly characterised hiPSC derived cells. For example, using hiPSC derived peripheral neurons (Peri.4U, Axiogenesis) we were able to develop and to validate a semi-automated 384 well High Throughput Assay, which combines a non-lytic Cell Viability Assay (RealTime-Glo™, Promega) with a flexible High Content Screening (HCS) assay (Perkin Elmer, Opera) that detects neuron specific ßIII Tubulin, activated Caspase-3 and nuclei staining. In order to validate such assays, we screened the ENZO toxicity collection (approximately 150 compounds) at 10µM and the Hits were profiled in 11-point dose-response studies. The results of this and other studies will be presented.

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