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SELECTBIO Conferences Immuno-Oncology Europe 2019


CB307: A Novel CD137/4-1BB Agonist Humabody Therapeutic for PSMA-Positive Tumours

James Legg, SVP Research, Crescendo Biologics

  • Crescendo Biologics has initiated pre-clinical development of CB307, a novel trispecific Humabody VH targeting CD137 (4-1BB), prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) and human serum albumin (HSA)
  • The talk will describe the identification, mechanism of action and preclinical characterisation of CB307
  • The benefits of using the modular Humabody VH platform, rather than an IgG format to develop this molecule will be discussed, including optimal (monovalent) engagement of both targets with small VH domains and the avoidance of Fc receptor interactions
  • The unique design of CB307 enables highly potent and tumour selective T-cell co-stimulation

Add to Calendar ▼2019-10-28 00:00:002019-10-29 00:00:00Europe/LondonImmuno-Oncology Europe 2019Immuno-Oncology Europe 2019 in Rotterdam, The NetherlandsRotterdam, The