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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab Automation & Robotics 2016


The Urgent Need for Computation and Automation in the Standardisation of Biobank SOPs in Neurological Disorders

Rivka Ravid, Brain Bank Consultant, Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences

Harmonisation of SOP’s and enhanced compuation and robotics are mandatory components to the optimal functioning of Biobanks and Biomarker validation in neurological disorders. The added value of IT-infrastructures and automation proecesses makes it more plausible to be able to exchange /pool large specimen cohorts between centers. CNS(Central nervous system)Biobanks are facing difficult and specific challenges due to the sensitive issue of collecting specimens, especially of the brain. At present there is no global network / central D-base to serve basic researchers, clinicians and pharma companies. The standardization of the currently used D-bases and electronic tracking of the specimens stored in Biobanks are another goal not yet achieved, same holds for the labware requirements for automated Biobanking such as processing, aliquotation and storage. The key to semi or fully automated biobanking approaches is the traceability of individual tubes, openness to research queries, joint data formats and internationally accepted software tools. Information technology, automation and robotics may also provide the information infrastructure of genotypic and phenotypic data to elucidate possible mechanism and possible causes of CNS disorders. The presentation highlights the great potential and numerous pitfalls in its daily practice and describing our use of creative solutions to improve the impact of banked specimens. The use of proteomics as a unique research tool serves as an example of the broad spectrum of ongoing technical and methodological developments and challenges that need to be addressed for future high-impact bio banking which will gain momentum and reach its goals in supporting world healthcare.

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