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SELECTBIO Conferences Track One


Point-of-Care Diagnostics and Biomedical Applications Using Microfluidic Devices

Manabu Tokeshi, Professor, Hokkaido University

Microfluidic devices have great potential for medical and life science applications. Recent progresses in microfluidic devices have enabled precise analysis of a small amount of proteins and drugs in blood or urine. We have developed that several immunoassay systems using the microfluidic devices for rapid diagnosis of biomakers and drugs [1-4]. Recently, we developed a new device called an "immuno-pillar chip", which has the desired features for easy-to-use detection of biomarkers. It has hydrogel pillars, fabricated inside a microchannel, with many antibody molecules immobilized onto 1-5 µm diameter beads. For detection of disease markers (ex. AFP, CRP, PSA, TSH, etc.), we confirmed the chip provides rapid analysis (total assay time of about 4 min) with high sensitivity, it is easy-to-use (no special skills are needed), and it uses small volumes of the sample and reagent (0.25 µL each). Moreover, multiplex assay for three biomarkers was also possible. In this presentation, I will present about several topics: on-chip immunoassay using hydrogel pillar structures (immuno-pillar chip), on-chip therapeutic drug monitoring, and so forth. Moreover, future challenges and potentials of microfluidic devices for biotechnology, medicine, and clinical diagnostics will be also discussed.

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