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Development of Automatic Blood Aspiration Systems using Active and Passive Method for Point-of-care Diagnostic

Fang Ming Lim, Teaching Assistant, National University of Singapore

Perioperative control of bodily substance plays an important role in ensuring speedy recovery of patients. Perioperative glucose control, for example, has been proven to reduce morbi dity and mortality in hospitalized patients, particularly after cardiac surgery. Optimal glucose control has been hampered by the constant need for blood glucose sampling and adjustment of insulin dosing. The continuous surveillance is crucial to ensure that the glucose levels are not too high with its associated risks of infection and other morbidity, and yet too low which can be lethal. This paper presents the development of automatic blood aspiration systems to aspire specific, minute amount of blood from patients. Two methods are explored: an active method in which a pump is employed as the main drive and regulator, and a passive method in which the blood pressure is employed as the main drive and a valve is used as the regulator. This system is to be applied in operating rooms or intensive care units for operative and perioperative scenarios as parts of a point-of-care diagnostic platform.

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