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LabTube – A Novel "Microfluidic App" for Sample Preparation and Diagnostics Operated in a Laboratory Centrifuge

Felix Von Stetten, Head, HSG IMIT

The "LabTube" is a novel Lab-on-a-Chip (LOAC) cartridge with the shape of a 50 mL centrifuge tube. As "microfluidic app" that can be processed by a laboratory centrifuge it makes any specialized processing devices redundant, which lowers market entry barriers. LabTube technology is based on three stacked revolvers integrated into the centrifuge tube. The revolvers can be stepwise rotated against each other by a g-force operated pen mechanics which is actuated by acceleration and deceleration of the centrifuge. The first revolver sequentially releases the loaded sample and pre-stored reagents into the second revolver which is equipped with a mixing chamber and a solid phase matrix for selective capturing and release of nucleic acids or proteins. Processed liquids are collected in different fractions by the third revolver. Fully automated LabTube based DNA-extractions and protein purifications showed comparable yields to manual reference extractions. The cartridge is amenable to sample-to-answer diagnostics based on conventional laboratory equipment.

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