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Extruded Microfluidics for Simple-Multiplex Molecular Diagnostics

Nuno Reis, Lecturer, Loughborough University

There is an increasing need in the >$100m immunoassay life sciences research and >$10bn point-of-care testing markets for rapid-affordable detection of multiple biomolecules from a single biological sample. We have invented a miniaturized extruded immunoassay platform fabricated from a continuous flat FEP-Teflon film embedding a parallel microcapillary array, which combines inexpensive-scalable multiplex fabrication (<10 pence per 10-plex device) with portable low-cost detection. The new extruded microfluidic platform has shown rapid (<10 min incubation times), sensitive-quantitative detection of a range of cancer biomarkers and human cytokines using commercial sandwich ELISA reagents, with a good level of precision (CVs<10%). The multiplex test strips showed optical properties that excel individual cylindrical capillaries and other microfluidic devices because of the unique combination of flat surface with reduced refractive index of FEP-Teflon polymer film, therefore picomolar to nanomolar colorimetric enzymatic detection was possible from blood serum samples using standard CCD or CMOS optical detection, including a smartphone camera. The extruded miniaturised platform can be used in lab setting or incorporated into point-of care testing equipment for rapid, cost-efficient multiplex molecular diagnostics.

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