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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab-on-a-Chip and Microfluidics: Emerging Themes, Technologies and Applications


CD Fluidics for Extreme Point of Care (EPOC)

Marc Madou, Professor, University Of California Irvine

In this contribution, we review the usefulness of centrifugal microfluidic technologies applied to point-of-care diagnosis in under-resourced or extreme environments.  The various challenges faced in these extreme point-of-care (EPOC) settings are showcased, using areas in India and Africa   as examples.  Measures for point-of-care devices to effectively address these challenges are highlighted, and centrifugal or CD-based microfluidic technologies are presented as a promising solution to accomplish these criteria. We describe the advantages of centrifugal fluidic handling, as well as the ability of a standard CD player to perform several standard laboratory tests, fulfilling the role of an integrated lab-on-a-CD. Innovative centrifugal approaches for extreme point-of-care are highlighted, including sensing and detection strategies, smart power sources and biomimetic inspired solutions for environmental control. The evolution of centrifugal microfluidics, along with examples of commercial and advanced prototype centrifugal microfluidic systems, is presented, illustrating the success of deployment at the point-of-care. A close fit of emerging centrifugal systems to address a critical panel of tests for under-resourced clinic settings, formulated by medical experts, is demonstrated. This emphasizes the potential of centrifugal microfluidic technologies to be applied effectively to extreme point-of-care scenarios and plays a role in improving primary care in resource-limited settings across the world.

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