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SELECTBIO Conferences Metabolomics India 2017


Metabolomics and Its Clinical Applications

R Kannan, Scientist Fellow, CSIR-CFTRI

Among the “omics” technology, metabolomics approach is quite promising to understand the molecular changes in the biological syetem. Metabolomics by definition “detection and quantification of metabolites which are less than 1500 Da” from bilogical system. Metabolites are in different chemical classes (for example amines and derivatives, organic acids, hydroxy acids and steroid derivatives etc.,). Quantifying all of them in single method is not possible but it can be analysed by developing quantification methods for each chemical classes by using specific standards and the corresponding internal standards (either deuterated or 13C version of standards). One of the best ways to quantify metabolites is by using stable isotope dilution methods, where the specific internal standard can be spiked into the samples for the quantification of the targeted metabolites using UHPLC-MS/SRM methodology. It has been considered as gold standard method for quantifying metabolites which are sub pico gram level. In my talk, I shall show you the way by which we are proceeding to quantify metabolites from biological system. 

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