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SELECTBIO Conferences Metabolomics India 2017


Metabolic Phenotyping in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Ranjan Nanda, Group Leader, ICGEB

Although medication for tuberculosis is available still it remains as a major killer in India. Focus of our team is to characterize the metabolic components in the biofluids of the drug na├»ve tuberculosis patients to understand disease manifestation and explain heterogeneity. Comparative metabolic phenotyping of biofluids of active fresh cases of tuberculosis and non tuberculosis patients, using mass spectrometry based tools, might be useful to characterize the perturbed conditions. Employing clinical chemistry and chemometric analyses might be useful to get leads that may translate into developing point of care diagnostic solution or appropriate therapeutic interventions. In this talk, I will be discussing about ongoing activities of my laboratory with particular emphasis to tuberculosis and how we could use metabolomics tools to better understand tuberculosis disease. 

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