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SELECTBIO Conferences Metabolomics India 2017


Detailed Study of Metabolites Using ESI-QTOF

G. Venkatesan, Country Sales Business Development Manager, Bruker Daltonics

The accurate determination of changes in small molecule profiles related to a disease, therapeutic intervention, genetic modification or environmental variation is central to all metabolomics studies. Bruker remains the leader in integrated solutions for metabolomics with its latest innovations for hyphenated NMR, LC-MS (ESI-QTOF) and GC-MS technologies. These systems can be used for a multitude of metabolomics studies and are very well equipped to detect, identify, and quantify metabolites across the large chemical diversity of compounds building the metabolome. Many different pieces of information have to be linked in metabolomics experiments. Non-targeted profiling: Maximum coverage of the metabolome’s chemical space can be achieved by utilizing high performance LC-MS (ESI-QTOF), GC-MS and NMR systems in conjunction with dedicated software for data evaluation. These systems combine all necessary tools for feature extraction, statistical evaluation and compound identification. The unique hyphenation of high resolution MS and NMR, the MetabolicProfilerTM, enables rapid biomarker detection and identification by combined statistical evaluation of MS and NMR data. Targeted analysis - Biomarker validation: Identified biomarkers can be validated in targeted metabolomics experiments, where a limited number of compounds are quantified. For such tasks, Bruker offers both dedicated triple quadrupole MS systems with excellent sensitivity and powerful quantitation capabilities as well as more versatile ESI-UHR-QTOF MS systems that provide highly accurate data with a wide dynamic range and excellent resolution for the simultaneous analysis of both high- and low-abundance metabolites.

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