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SELECTBIO Conferences Microfluidics, Liquid Handling and LAB-ON-A-CHIP


From Laser Driven Microfluidics to Third Generation Lateral Flow Technology & its Applications

Tomas Ussing, Founder & CEO Engineer E, FluimediX

In 2003 FluimediX was founded with the purpose of exploiting the concepts behind “laser driven microfluidics” based on our first invention: the laser driven peristaltic micro-pump. FluimediX’ founder – Tomas Ussing – had, through his involvement with other microfluidic startups, realized that the implementation of microfluidics into practical embodiments was hindered by the physical interconnection to the macro world. Since a typical “answer” coming out of a biochemical diagnostic test would be an optical one, it was evident that if one would be able to control the reactions, thus including the necessary fluid control, solely by optical interaction, the basis for high-fidelity diagnostic using very competitive disposables would be a reality. We thus devised a scheme by which we were able to control liquid in a chip in the microscale using a medium powered infrared laser diode, and – additionally – we invented a method by which we could produce ultrasound with the same laser diode, which we could then use to lyse DNA containing cells for subsequent analysis. Finally we used the infrared laser diode to heat miniscule amounts of our lysate, so we were able to perform PCR. Initially our laser driven molecular diagnostic platform, was intended to be used for human SNP-analysis. However – after completing proof-of-concept, we decided to apply our technology to pathogen identification in the dairy business. As an intermediate product we devised an apparatus-free “lateral flow stick” for somatic cell count, which is now close to being marketed.

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