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SELECTBIO Conferences Microfluidics, Liquid Handling and LAB-ON-A-CHIP


Microfluidic Ejection: A Novel Biocompatible Option for Sampling, Biochemical Analysis, and Biomedical Applications

V N Lad, Assistant Professor, S V National Institute of Technology NIT Svneet

Many applications including chemical sampling, biofluid displacement, biochemical analysis, biomedical surgical operations, etc. require very precise transport of fluids at a highly controlled rate. Designing suitable microfluidic devices, and tuning the fluid dynamics therein has been found very promising solution which can be effectively used for such applications. A novel technique for microfluidic evacuation has been proposed. The microfluidic devices with various geometries have been fabricated from the biocompatible material. The rates of development of vacuum and displacement of fluids have been measured for the energy efficient microfluidic devices incorporating water as a motive fluid. The proposed design of the microfluidic devices offers a low-cost, energy efficient, biocompatible solution for scrupulous removal of infected fluid/body fluid from the internal haemorrhage affected parts during surgical operations. Further, the proposed technique can also finds potential applications in cardiac surgery, chemical sampling, drug delivery, gene therapy, cell sorting, and other biochemical activities which require complete isolation of the delicate surroundings.

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