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SELECTBIO Conferences Microfluidics, Liquid Handling and LAB-ON-A-CHIP


Nano Enabled Paper Microfluidics: From Research Lab to Clinics

Priyanka Sabherwal, Scientist C, INST

Nano-enabled bio-diagnostics will allow mankind to exploit the ultimate technological capabilities of electronic, magnetic, mechanical, and biological systems.1 Microfluidic paper-based analytical devices provide an alternative technology for developing affordable, portable, disposable and low-cost diagnostic tools in improving point of care diagnosis with no- or low-infrastructure and limited trained medical and health professionals.2 The paper matrix pretences hydrophilic/ hydrophobic micro-channel networks and the associated analytical devices can enable fluid handling desirable in quantitative analysis for potential applications.3 The available transducer approaches for these devices include colorimetric, electrochemical, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, electro-chemiluminescence or photo-electrochemical methods.4 Nanostructures based colorimetric sensing approaches have been used widely, as their extinction coefficients are higher than the conventional dyes. Electrochemical based microfluidic devices in conjunction with electro-analytical sensors demonstrated much lower limit of detection than colorimetric assays.5 Variously modified nanostructured can be easily designed, synthesised and coupled with specific bio-receptors (antibodies/aptamers) or chemo-receptors leading to form smart nanoprobes binding actively with the selected target analyte.6 These devices are showing a wide applications in clinical diagnostics as these are sensitive to ambient environmental conditions, making it particularly suitable for use in all patient care settings. The ubiquity, power and connectivity of the mobile phones create can further open new opportunities to enhance health-care outcomes in the developing world via concepts such as telemedicine and e-health.

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