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Towards Precision Medicine with Integrative Personal Omics Profiles – To Genomics and Beyond

Rui Chen, Post Doctor Research Fellow, Stanford University

Rapid advancement of high-throughput technologies in the past few decades allows us to examine biological processes in unparalleled molecular detail. These technologies facilitate acquisition of quantitative information from a large number of biomolecules, which enables physicians and scientists to understand physiological states and health changes with high-resolution molecular insights. To showcase the potential power of longitudinal omics profiling in indicating real-time physiological states, we performed an integrative Personal Omics Profile analysis (iPOP) study on a generally healthy individual during a course of 3.6 years (to date, with the first 14 months published). We obtained integrative information (genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome and autoantibodyome) from our volunteer subject, and the integrative multi-molecule-type profiles identified concurred with his physiological state changes, including two viral infections as well as the early onset of Type 2 Diabetes. Our iPOP approach provides a comprehensive view of the biological molecules and pathways involved in physiological state changes, which becomes especially important in the case of disease onset and progression. The comprehensive iPOP profiles obtained will further facilitate identification of disease-associated molecular signatures, which will bring us steps closer towards molecular personalized health monitoring, early diagnostics and precision medicine.

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