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SELECTBIO Conferences Next Gen Crops for Sustainable Agriculture


Innovation in Agriculture : Using Various Tools to Develop Matching Traits for Better Climate Resilience

L K Pandey, Managing Director, Ananya Seeds Private Limited

Crop productivity enhancement is important particularly with changing climate. Most of existing cultivated crop varieties are failing to yield in adverse climatic condition. Farmers are facing chronic situation due to both biotic and abiotic factors affecting their crops. We should focus on pain points of agriculture. No production, no income,  no light in life, miserable and negativity in life. No surplus to meet other requirements. Any emergency or unplanned expenses push under debt trap.  Access to low quality home, health, sanitation, education, transport, employments, old age phase.  Resource scarcity produces more struggle for everyone in family. Migration to city for employment decades quality of life further.  Diversification can be the only solution to raise income and improve quality life. Required more stress on skill development related to food processing, value addition, non farm activities. Biotechnology should be used to solve problems to overcome production bottlenecks. For climate resilience our old varieties have to be improved which may be more adapted.  Dependency on chemicals need to be reduced.  More indigenous technologies need to be invented. Still large number of innovative technologies need to be used in planning, sowing, crop care,  harvesting and post harvesting management. We need short duration crops and varieties to avoid problems of water scarcity, heat stress and insect pest pressure. All these should bring back interest of farmers in farming and ensure food security for ever increasing population.

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