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Identification of Loci Conferring Resistance to Albugocandida isolate (AcB1) in Oilseed Mustard Brassica juncea


Albugo candida, a biotrophicoomycete, is the causal agent of white blister rust (hitherto called white rust) on a large number of cruciferous crops. Genetic resistance is an efficient method to protect the plant from this disease. We have different populations of B. juncea and earlier, a white rust locus has been mapped on linkage map A5 in east European germplasm (Donskaja-IV) by Panjabi et al., 2010. The objective of this study was to identify the resistance conferring locus in B. junceavariety Tumida, a chinese vegetable type mustard. Tumida was found to be resistant to a highly pathogenic isolate of white rust (AcB1)whereas Varuna(Indian type) is susceptible. Different types of molecular markers i.e. SSRs, SNPs, IP and GBS were used to make a molecular map for an F1 derived doubled-haploid (DH) population originating from a cross between Varuna and Tumida lines of B. juncea. Our aim is also to find whether the locus which is conferring resistance in Tumida is the same as earlier found locus conferring resistance in Donskaja-IV or is it a new locus.

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