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SELECTBIO Conferences Single Molecule & Single Cell Analysis


Sample Preparation and Enrichment for Single Cell Processing and Analysis

Abraham Lee, William J. Link Professor and Chair, University of California-Irvine

The quest to effectively isolate and capture CTCs has motivated microfluidics researchers to develop tools for processing larger volumes of biological samples for a broad range of liquid biopsy applications. The understanding of the heterogeneity of biological cells give insight to patterns of protein expression and result in more effective targeted treatments. However, the ability to identify, separate, sort, and enrich the specific cells of interest requires a multiplexed approach that targets physical, chemical, and biomolecular properties. This talk will highlight several microfluidic techniques in my lab that allow the processing of large volumes of samples and enable the capture and enrichment of cells based on physical size that is tunable. Several other techniques that could eventually be integrated to this technology to further process single cells for molecular analysis will also be highlighted. These techniques include digital PCR and single molecular analysis in droplets. Finally, I will introduce a unique organ-on-a-chip device with perfused vasculature that could be used to further provide in vitro testing of the pathological outcomes of these captured single cells.

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