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SELECTBIO Conferences Track Two


Precision microsystems for manipulation and analysis of single cells and model animals

Wenhui Wang, Professor, Tsinghua University

Manipulation and analysis of single cells and model animals such as C. elegans have very important implications in biomedical areas. Leveraging micro science and engineering technologies, micro-devices could be fabricated and integrated with peripheral components to form enabling systems for interesting applications. This talk presents an overview of several such devices and systems we developed for single cells and C. elegans respectively. These include, for single cells, first-of-its-kind fully automated high-throughput suspended cell injection system, semi-automated adherent cell injection system, micropillar-based PDMS device for cellular force measurement, first-of-its-kind 3D cell rotation biochip, and deterministic cell trap biochip by hydrodynamic forces. For C. elegans, the on-chip muscular force measurement and locomotion assay device is also presented, together with latest integration of patterned illuminations for optogenetics. All these applications demonstrate the promising potential of precision microsystems for manipulating and analyzing single cells and whole animals in life sciences and biomedical research.

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